Collect data at the point of transaction

Using eForms in BlueHawk (our cross platform mobile app), reduces data entry fields by 60% and data entry time to less than 30 seconds. Information captured is accurate, real time, relevant, complete, consistent and secure.

Manage enterprise assets scanning barcodes

Employees can identify an existing enterprise asset by scanning a barcode using BlueHawk (our cross platform mobile app) and avoid entering redundant data.

Manage Real Time Operations

Using our Command Center you can see all your employees & assets on a map, and see their activity in real time.

Take instant decisions

The Op Control dashboard will show you patterns for each of your interest areas across the organisation. These real time analytics will help you take instant action based on statistics rather than based on phone calls.

Manage enterprise data access

The Resource manager allows you to control enterprise information available on an employee smartphone.

Task collaboration from your smartphone

When a task is updated in BlueHawk (our cross platform mobile app), all key linked stakeholders like employees, managers and customers can see the update in realtime on their respective smartphones.

Add key stakeholders to a task using your personal address book

Using the phone address book integration to BlueHawk (our cross platform mobile app), employees can invite stakeholders such as customers, managers and other employees instantly.

Command Center

Get a real time birds eye view of your organisations employees and assets. Monitor exceptions and send immediate corrective actions to any employee or asset.

Operational Intelligence Dashboard

Monitor instant patterns across all your current and historical data as new data enters the system and take decision minute to minute using our real time OI Dashboards.

Enterprise Resource Manager

Mange data collection using employees smart phones and embedded smart devices in assets using our ERM.

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