Zero Touch Customer Journeys

An AI enabled platform that will unify and automate the customer to cash journey of an enterprise.

Enterprises today are bombarded with an array of applications for different processes yet all of them at their core are incompatible with each other, resulting in data silos, lengthy workflows and slow decisions based on legacy data, and limited integrations cannot deliver a zero touch customer experience.

A single platform managing 100% of People, Processes, Data and Robots across every department.


Leveraging AI, ML algorithms and cognitive computing, we built a first of it’s kind unified, autonomous Enteprise OS that is capable of delivering tailor-made and transformative enterprise solutions, Autonomous Decision Making and Real – Time Business Intelligence.

What can GreneOS do for your enterprise?

Reduce operational costs by 30% or more

GreneOS powered enterprises are capable of learning, self correcting and continuously evolving making them more resilient, and cost efficient. 

Autonomous Decision Making

With advanced AI and ML, enable autonomous decision making while reducing errors, improving productivity and allowing human resources to focus on more critical and creative tasks.

Manage Remote Workforce

Manage  remote and distributed workforce and build virtual workplaces for your teams, enabling them to work from anywhere and get real time intelligence and analytics on their performance. 

Cut your carbon emissions

GreneOS can help cut down carbon emissions by upto 90%, significantly reducing enviornmental impact and making organisations more sustainable. 

Zero Touch Customer Journeys

Where is the customer in today’s CRM systems? GreneOS has mastered the art of enabling the customer to engage with the company virtually and in real time. 

Fastest Deployment in the Industry

GreneOS can rapidly deployed within 6-8 weeks. Once the system is implemented, AI enables it to continuously learn and evolve with every data input and customer feedback, while increasing efficiency and further cutting down time taken to make decisions.

Case studies

GreneOS for Telecom

See how a leading global telecom giant in India reduced operational efficienies and increased ….

GreneOS for Hospitality

See how hotels and F&B outlets are using GreneOS to cut operation expenses by 30%….

GreneOS for Healthcare

See how a large healthcare provider with 50 lakh beneficiaries is able to provide remote healthcare using GreneOS…

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