About Us

why are we here

To explore, encourage and look beyond human capabilities to solve the unsolved for humanity

Back in 2008 we predicted that the future of organisations will be driven by autonomy, automation and human-machine co-existence. So we embarked on a journey to discover unique combinations of technologies that will create a world where People, Robots and Purpose can thrive together. The challenge was to find a perfect recipe that can accommodate all 3 together and not independently.

We saw the need to tread the undiscovered technological path to solve this, and we knew it would take people with a different kind of tenacity and attitude to build it. That’s why we founded Grene Robotics to bring such people together and develop platforms that are evolutionary in nature. Today our platforms deliver Unified Enterprises, Unmanned Defence Systems and Responsive Cities.

what do we do

We design and build IoE Platforms that unify and deliver Autonomous Organizations. 

IoE or Internet of Everything is the intelligent connection of people, process, data and things.

We are focused on creating the world’s foremost technological breakthroughs that unlocks the power of Human-Machine collaboration so that we can liberate humans to focus on the most uniquely human capabilities that machines cannot master such as creativity, curiosity, complex decision making and empathy. To achieve this we built a system that will unify, manage and autonomize 100% of People, Machines, Process and Systems on top of which we layer applications and deploy autonomous bots for a fully interactive, intuitive and intelligent decision making for organizations globally.  

How do we stay ahead of the curve

To explore, encourage and look beyond human capabilities to solve the unsolved for humanity

We are focused on people and R&D to create the world’s foremost technological breakthroughs that unlock the power of unification, autonomy and Human-Machine collaboration. To stay ahead of the curve we keep upgrading the platform constantly to unify and autonomize people, machines, processes and systems. Our R&D will enable the gradual transition of humans to be on-the-process rather than in-the-process. We built application and deployment layers that are fully backward and forward compatible to automatically upgrade as the platform upgrades.

where are we going

Bringing the focus back to Humans

With Grene, Enterprises will be customer centric, Defence Technology will be soldier centric and Smart City technology will be citizen centric. Imagine a day where smart cities are capable of making autonomous decisions based on the long term prosperity and sustainability of the most important stakeholder, the citizens. Cities will deliver services responsibly that are driven by real-time intelligence gathered from the citizens autonomously while ensuring their privacy.

We will continue to strive to build a future in which private organizations, cities and defence institutions will centralize around people —to fulfill the mandates with which they have been entrusted to deliver value to humanity because humans created robots and robots should assist humans to enrich their lives.

In today’s world robots and people have no common language, communication or collaboration workspace. But tomorrow, organizations around the globe will be using GreneOS™ to help them transcend the 5th Industrial Revolution of human machine coexistence by bringing robots into the workforce. 

Bringing autonomy to resource planning, public/private organizations will be most efficient and effective as they will manage people, processes, data and things autonomously. 


Nature is the greatest engineer, we constantly look for inspiration in nature.

We like to challenge the status quo, take risks and shatter conventions.

Our greatest assets are our People and Patents.

To keep innovating is to keep growing.


Technology inspired by nature

We are endlessly inspired by the deeper vision of nature’s efficient design and intelligence


The Journey So Far

A little backstory….

Kiran’s (the founder) tryst with autonomous solutions started while he was at Carnegie Mellon University where he worked on building autonomous systems for the Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), this experience left him thinking what autonomous solutions can do for different industries.  Kiran entered the enterprise workforce with his first job at Pitney Bowes  and got a first hand experience of how broken and inefficient today’s enterprise and government operations were. This led to the realisation that to bring robots into the workforce we will need a new breed of systems powered by autonomy.

2008 - 2011

Platform to connect and unify things (IoT)

2008, we understood that enterprise data integrity was compromised by existing piecemeal systems and could not be used for autonomy. Collecting data without human intervention was the very first step to creating a new generation enterprise platform. We designed and developed an IoT platform that can deliver real time data. 

In 2011, we deployed the platform to run India’s first autonomous smart micro-grid in partnership with Echelon, USA. Grene Robotics was able to achieve autonomous load balancing with smart meters within the housing community.


Platform to connect and unify people and things

In 2012, we developed and deployed India’s first home automation platform to achieve intra & interoperability using IoT devices within a large gated community in partnership with Crestron, USA. It was called “Project Palm Meadows

 In 2014, we enhanced the platform to involve People, Process and Purpose. We understood the importance of people’s involvement in any process, hence enhancing the ability of the platform to connect to people through their smartphones was an ideal next step.

2015 - 2019
Platform to connect and unify People, Process, Data and Things

In 2015, we developed and deployed the platform to run nationwide emergency management by connecting, unifying and managing employees (45000), ambulances (12000), citizens (15 states) and hospitals (15 states). Platform helps deliver autonomous assignments and also helps with dispatch and navigation based on real-time operational intelligence. It was called “Project Blueflock”.


In 2017, we enhanced the platform for remote working. We predicted that remote work and virtual offices will become the future of work. Significantly reducing our carbon emissions and owning zero physical assets and liabilities as a company. Grene Robotics was the first company to use this and go fully virtual with zero office space. This was code named “Project Desker”.



In 2019, GreneOS™ launches by replacing a mission critical order management system for Vodafone India.



In 2021, DefOS™ is launched to deliver India’s first unified AC6ISRT platform. Two product spin-offs of the DefOS platform are Autonomous Manpad Data Link ( AMDL) and Indrajaal™ Autonomous drone defence system launched in partnership with Bharat Electronics Limited for the Indian Armed Forces. The partnership submitted its first suo-moto proposal of AMDL with the Indian AirForce.