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Get to know the Grene Robotics team

Kiran Penumacha
Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Raju started Grene Robotics in 2008 with the vision of making the world a smarter and safer place using AI.

The autonomy bug first bit Mr.Raju when he was doing his Masters in Bioinformatics at Carnegie Mellon University in 2002. While working on a project on autonomous vehicles for DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), he realized that existing autonomous systems weren’t enough for operations or decision-making. Later, his experience as an associate at Pitney Bowes and as managing director of his own real estate firm in India confirmed his belief that existing enterprise software wasn’t really helping companies make efficient decisions.

Mr. Raju believes that better data and better AI can enable truly autonomous enterprises, defenses and cities. He implements autonomy at Grene Robotics too – he strongly encourages employees to take ownership over their work and make their own decisions.
An alumnus of the Computer Science department at Purdue University, Mr. Raju has also co-founded a solar energy company as well as mentored several startups in hyperlocal delivery, human capital management, and micro finance space.

Mr. Raju brings years of knowledge and experience in autonomous technologies and holds patents for Automated Presence Status, Presence Status-Based Communication Filtration and Authentic-based Combination of Inputs. Mr. Raju built the world’s highest-altitude research centre at 17,664 ft for DRDO which is also mentioned in the Guinness Book of World records.
In his free time, he plays basketball and badminton, and rides his motorcycle through the mountains.

Wing Commander MVN Sai (Retd, Indian Air Force)
Director (Emerging Technologies)

MVN is responsible for the development and deployment of our defence platform and solutions.

MVN brings with him a deep domain knowledge and understanding of technology that comes with having spent more than three decades building defence systems for India. He spent 24 years in the Indian Air Force (IAF), where he led several initiatives to modernize air defence infrastructure. MVN played a key role in the IAF adopting network-based operations and was also involved in orchestrating a multi-billion dollar import substitution for the forces.

He retired from the IAF as wing commander in 2013. He spent the next seven years running a company that developed software that unifies military intelligence and led initiatives for transformation of operations for disaster management, air space control, anti-UAV systems and missile control, among others.

MVN is passionate about making India’s Armed Forces self-reliant and believes Grene Robotics can help the country achieve this.

He holds an executive MBA from IIM Lucknow. He is an avid golfer and cricketer, and has a deep interest in music.

Vamsi Vellanki
Executive Director (Investor Relations & Finance)

Vamsi manages investor relations and investments, as well as oversees the finance department at Grene Robotics. Working closely with the finance team, Vamsi develops and executes strategic financial plans aligned with Grene Robotics’ growth objectives. His extensive experience in risk advisory allows him to assess investment opportunities, analyze financial data, and provide valuable insights for decision-making.

Vamsi’s diverse background as an investor, a serial entrepreneur, management consultant, and partner at a risk advisory firm strengthens his ability to build strong relationships and connect with people. With a business degree from the University of Hertfordshire and an aviation degree, he combines expertise in business management and technology.

Vamsi has had over 20 years of work experience in esteemed companies like ASB Bank (a subsidiary of The Commonwealth Bank), Sprim Pharma and Vodafone New Zealand.

He is a certified commercial pilot and enjoys mountain biking, kayaking and skydiving.

Ahmed Chamanwalla
Executive Director, Forest Conservation (India)

Ahmed is a conservationist with a deep understanding of wildlife, forests and ecosystems, having spent years leading award-winning projects in the ecotourism space. He’s responsible for taking our superior and holistic technological solutions for forest conservation to the people who matter. He works with stakeholders in the forest conservation space, such as state forest departments, companies and nonprofits.

Ahmed’s first connection with forests happened when he was a young boy, during the time he went to boarding school in Ooty. That shaped his outlook towards conservation, and he has been involved with forests and conservation ever since. He co-founded two wildlife lodges in Madhya Pradesh’s tiger reserves, and worked there for seven years. Presently, he owns and manages the award-winning Fringe Ford ecotourism lodge, situated on 600 acres of Malabar rainforest.

Having spent large parts of his life in forests, Ahmed came to realize that minimally invasive, autonomous and AI-driven systems are the most effective way to save human and animal lives. At Grene, his focus areas include man-animal conflict, poaching prevention, tree felling, illicit smuggling, wildlife landscape management and geo-fencing of forest boundaries.

Ahmed has also worked with the Government of India to shape policy on private land participation in conservation of forests with a white paper submitted to the parliamentary committee on science and environment. He also manages plantations for cash crops such as tea, coffee, vanilla and cardamom.

Ahmed enjoys wildlife watching, hiking and bird-watching. He also plays golf and likes to run.

Bharat Masimukku
CTO (greneOS)

Bharat is a Grene Robotics veteran – he was our first employee when we started in 2008. Bharat handles everything tech for greneOS – infrastructure, customer requests, enhancements, requirements, customer requests and uptime. He also contributes to pre-sales, patents and innovations.

Bharat brings deep domain expertise in system architecture, AI/ML algorithms and big data. An expert in database and messaging systems, Bharat has been one of the pillars of our R&D success and has contributed tremendously to the Grene Robotics journey so far. He enjoys his work at Grene Robotics because of its people and open culture, and because he gets to solve complex problems at scale.

Previously, he developed technology for the health and banking sectors at Satyam Software Services. While at Satyam, Bharat co-authored a technical paper on building a speaker identification system that would help identify hoax callers on emergency numbers. The paper was selected for the 2006 InterSpeech conference at Carnegie Mellon University.

When he’s free, Bharat likes to travel and spend time with his two turtles. A huge reptile fan, he hopes to someday be a licensed crocodile owner.

Parameshwar Reddy
Chief Operations Officer

Parameshwar handles end-to-end operations for us. He wears multiple hats, which include business analysis, solution design, service delivery, customer success, quality assurance, and profit center management.

A seasoned professional with 18 years of experience, Parameshwar worked as an electrical engineer and assistant project manager at various prominent real estate firms such as Synergy Property Development Services and Maytas Properties. He joined Grene Robotics in 2010 as a project manager and rose through the ranks as general manager, VP and Senior VP to become COO. He’s passionate about customer satisfaction and strongly believes in these two mantras: ‘Customer is the boss’ and ‘Change is the only constant’. He’s also known as one of the best managers in our company, with close-to-zero attrition in his team ever since he joined. His plan is to build international teams to support Grene Robotics customers across the globe.

Parameshwar is a certified Business Analyst from IIBA (International Institute of Business Analysis) and is currently pursuing a COO certification from IIM Lucknow.

A social guy, he likes to play badminton and spend time with family and friends outside of work.

Gaurav Sharma, PhD
Chief Legal Officer

Gaurav oversees agreements and documentation from not only a legal, but a more holistic risk perspective. He’s the one who ensures the company meets all regulatory requirements.

He has 20 odd years of experience covering intellectual property, cyber crime, corporate transactions, privacy and data protection. He has assisted the Pune Police in cyber crime investigations, helped companies implement GDPR and trained police and government officials on cyber crime. He’s also the founder of Sentilius, a legal consultancy firm.

He holds a Master of Law degree in Artificial intelligence and Intellectual Property Law from the University of Edinburgh and also holds a PhD in intellectual property management. At Grene Robotics, he’s also responsible for handling the legal aspects of our IP portfolio. He enjoys the opportunity of being able to have a big impact in a fast-growing company.

When he’s not working, he likes exploring different cities and tracking wildlife on foot.

Suneetha Vellala
Chief Administrative Officer

Suneetha is Grene Robotics’ Swiss Army knife – she handles HR administration, procurement, travel, cash flow and manages the CEO’s office with ease. Suneetha has over 20 years of experience in industries like ports, construction, real estate and biomass in various capacities.

She started her career as a back-office executive at a biomass company, and then went to become an executive assistant at a real estate firm and later handled tenders at Gangavaram, India’s deepest all-weather port. She started working with Kiran in 2007 at a real estate company he founded, and moved to Grene Robotics in 2011. She single-handedly managed procurement, payroll, processing, HR administration and POs during the company’s early years. “Working at Grene Robotics is like getting thrown into the deep end without knowing swimming, but with the reassurance of having Kiran throw you a life-jacket if it gets too tricky,” she says.

In her spare time, Suneetha enjoys spending time with her family and singing.

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