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What is Autonomous Order Management?

The process of taking an order directly from the customer and processing that order using AI, automation and robotics while giving a real time experience to the customer.

What is Extraordinary Customer Service?

Amazon & UBER go the extra mile for customers, which has forced retailers and taxi services into adopting new methods of managing customer relationships. For example, delivery expectations set by Amazon have bled into the world of customer service: if a consumer has an issue with a product, they expect reliable estimates on replacements, fixes, or refunds.


Extraordinary customer service has forced retailers to optimize logistics to meet a growing demand of visibility into delivery services, one that did not exist prior to this evolution of customer expectations.

Unlike popular belief, the main purpose of the CRM is not to manage the salesforce but to manage customer expectations. If there is anything that we have learnt from UBER, Swiggy and Amazon, its that customer experience, customer service and customer satisfaction always wins.


The robotic customer management system focuses on using AI and Robotics technologies to rethink the customer sales and service workflows to match todays customer expectations.


The End Goals

  • Bring all services to the customer doorstep.
  • Realtime visibility of pickup and drop off
  • Instant gratification for the customer with digital queues and delivery predictions
  • Additional revenue channels to the service provider.

The Key Stakeholders & Resources

  • The Customer

  • Customer Service Team

  • Ground Logistics Team

  • Product Support Team

  • Dealer & Distributor Network

  • Manufacturing Team

  • Accounting Team

The Value

  • Instant gratification to customer

  • Status prediction

  • Delivery prediction

  • Real Time Tracking

  • Benchmarking of TATs

  • Resource Optimisations

  • Cost Savings

The Use Cases

Grene Robotics is working with the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer to provide zero touch customer service with AI keeping track of service requests autonomously.
Grene Robotics is working with the India’s second largest telecom provider to replace their salesforce implementation.


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