Adoption is the true measure of success

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We employ a well developed engagement strategy to get a prototype ready in 14 days and the minimum viable product up and running in 60 days. Our implementation strategy is tuned to todays everything as a service mindset where implementations are quick, with no capex and evolutionary in nature.

Adoption is the true measure of success, todays software is evolutionary in nature

The Grene Engagement Methodology is unique in its approach as we take adoption as a key success metric. The methodology is ever evolving to track and improve enterprise adoption. Adoption for todays software as a service (especially in large enterprises) requires focused strategy and effort.

Some of our adoption strategies :

  • Instant Gratification

  • Financial Compensation

  • High Availability

  • Reduced Anxiety

  • Increased Consistency

  • Friendliness Index

  • Information Sharing

  • Intelligent Reminders

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