Autonomous Emergency Services @ GVK EMRI

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When you can see your uber taxi coming to you on your smartphone, why can’t we do the same with an emergency vehicle?


We worked with India’s largest ambulance network (GVK EMRI) to take the request for an emergency directly from the customer. ERMI responds to 30,000 cases a day, across 15 states within India. They have 12,000 ambulances and 40,000 people working to make sure their emergency service runs 24 hours a day.

Our technology was able to reduce their ambulance assignment time from 3 minutes to 10 seconds by using the smart phone to triangulate ambulance location, and reduced the response time of the ambulance by 30% by making sure ambulances are parked at closest proximity to probable accident prone areas.

Our platform brought the caller, hospital, ambulance driver, emergency medical technician, reporting team and quality team onto one single platform to ensure the most efficient and real time case resolution.

Each of the stakeholders was brought online using their smartphone or PC in their job role.

Assignment of ambulance and other resources to a case was made autonomous using our inbuilt ‘Resource Manager‘ BOT with a time prediction feature shown to the caller to ensure that multiple check up calls can be avoided.

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