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The perception of #AI has completely disrupted the way we look at any piece of Data today. While, the most popular consumer apps of the world #Uber, #Amazon and #Netflix offer an immersive interactive experience, where the end user can experience the power of #MachineLearning and #ArtificialIntelligence, the world of Enterprise Applications are still struggling with converting the linear life cycle of their data architecture to be AI ready.

Oonslaught of new technologies in real time rich data collection, using #sensors has further deepened the Enterprise woes. The technology experts are still focussed on how to shape and train Artificial Intelligence for Enterprises using these new form of multiple types of real time data. But the real challenge lies in how will these Enterprise AI applications be brought to the end user to interact with ?

In the era of #autonomous integrations, prescriptive #analytics and #workflow #automation, where #Bots are replacing employees, it becomes very important how an employee of an Enterprise interfaces and interacts with his system. We have seen the era of heavy weight ERPs give way to lighter, more unified and smarter cloud applications, like #MicrosoftDynamics, #SAPHANA, #OracleERPCloud etc. The transformation was just not the technology, but also the ease of usability of data across devices. Today when we are moving away from the rigid #CloudApplications space to a more fluid #CloudPlatform centric space, where the end user is offered a minimal coding or a #zerocoding platform to self #automate processes, plan #projects, delegate #tasks and complete daily work, with the help of a customized #ArtificialIntelligenceEngine, the #userinterface becomes a primary challenge.

The best of the technologies fail to take off, if the the #UI is not simplified and device specific. The standards of #UI and #UX set by the movers and shakers of the cloud application space like #Salesforce and #Slack never fully succeeded in 100% adoption of its Enterprise users, the likes of excel sheets, emails and #whatsapp still had a very thriving parallel existence. One of their biggest mistake was to try and convert the web application experience into a mobile application experience, without taking into consideration the difference of an #iOS & #Android OS from that of a web browser.

The old linear Web based design implemented across devices

#UserInterface Design as a solution has always taken a back seat compared to list of features any application has to offer. But today when access and development of technology has a very democratic approach, and almost all applications offer everything, what really differentiates is the #UserExperience impact. Is the User of the application able to increase her/his efficiency ? becomes the clear goal… and this is only possible if the user is able to adopt the application with an ease. Enterprises investing in new technologies have to keep in mind the ease of adoption.

At #GreneRobotics our approach has always been driven from the perspective of user adoption. #UI design and #UX impact plays a major role in all our development efforts. Our cutting edge applications has always incorporated the latest technologies, but with a goal of fast and 100% adoption. The team of #GreneRobotics is amongst the first to introduce #conversationalERP in the #telco industry. The #UI is designed in such a way that the end user is always guided by the #EnterpriseAI engine across all his #tasks. It is just not about a #virtualassistant #UI, where in the user is guided how to use the application or being responded to text based or voice based queries… like the #alexa or #siri, this #UI adopts a very fluidic design approach to incorporate simple and easy interpretations of live and prescriptive analytics based on user behaviour and data flows. #GreneRobotics success rates in adoption for all its products across industries has always been above 97% within first 45 days of implementation.

The new immersive AI interface of the next generation Enterprise Softwares

The future of efficient #AI implementation in any Enterprise will be solely dependent on how impactful the #UserInterface is. It is time to get your interface design #AI ready !

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