What is included in your SaaS application?

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We typically provide Software as a Service (SaaS) to our customers, which includes the following layers.

  • Networking – Internet Connection & Bandwidth w/ Disaster Recovery
  • Storage – Cloud Storage
  • Servers – Cloud Processing
  • Virtualisation – Elastic expansion of storage, processing and bandwidth
  • Operating System – Linux Operating System with MySql Database
  • Middleware – Software to connect the data and application layer
  • Runtime – 30+ technologies to ensure speed and scalability
  • Base Applications – Application to solve a business problem (like CRM)
  • Customer Customisations – Custom code to suit the specific business process of a customer.

Customers typically only interface with the mobile apps and web applications.

Refer to https://www.grenerobotics.com/post/why-do-you-call-call-your-self-a-platform for more information on PaaS vs SaaS

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