Grene Robotics partners with Texas-based Technologix Global to deliver Autonomous Enterprise Solutions in the US market

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  • The autonomous technology will help enterprises with revenue augmentation and OPEX reduction
  • Eyes for a share in the $ 500Bn US enterprise market

Grene Robotics, an India based technology startup that has done pioneering work in the field of Robotics and Autonomous technology, has partnered with Technologix Global – a Texas-based technology company, to deliver its autonomous enterprise solutions in the US market. 

By joining forces with Technologix Global, customers will benefit from a truly high-end TSP that maintains high standards in enterprise technology solutions. Under this engagement, the two companies agree to work together to deliver Grene Robotics’ autonomous solutions developed on the GreneOS platform for enterprise customers in the US market. The autonomous technology will help organisations with revenue augmentation and OPEX reduction. 

In the pre-covid times, the global enterprise application market size was valued at $238.36 billion (in 2020), while in the post-pandemic world, it is expected to reach $527.40 billion by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 8.2% from 2021 to 2030, thus, providing a huge opportunity landscape. With organisations having to accelerate their digital transformation plans, it has become imperative for them to identify and automate all possible business processes.

Enterprises today are bombarded with an array of applications for different processes, yet all of them at their core are incompatible with each other, resulting in data silos, lengthy workflows and slow decisions based on legacy data, and limited integrations that cannot deliver a zero-touch customer experience. Autonomous enterprise solutions bring in the capability to automate work using artificial intelligence & related technologies thus digitally unifying people, processes, data, systems and machines in real-time.
Speaking on the occasion,Kiran Penumacha, Founder and CEO of Grene Robotics,We have been in discussions with Technologix Global since last year and are happy to see the deal come through. By joining hands with them, we aim to expand our presence in the global market and offer autonomous enterprise solutions to help organisations adopt digital unification and replace mundane and repetitive tasks with innovative work, freeing the people to perform value-based tasks that focus on fostering empathy and decision-making.” He further adds, “At Grene Robotics, we have been helping organisations transcend the 5th industrial revolution of human-machine coexistence through the GreneOS platform and have created success stories with our alpha customers like Vodafone Idea, GVK, and also built India’s first-of-its-kind autonomous drone dome defense system Indrajaal which is already a part of the nation’s mainstream defense narrative today.”

Harish Penumatsa, Founder of Technologix Global, adds, “In the US, autonomous solutions are mostly available in the automobile segment. Very few technology platforms create solutions for enterprises. With Grene Robotics, we have the advantage of offering autonomous and unmanned robotic systems for the enterprise market that will help them augment their revenue streams and reduce their OPEX.” As a leading company in software development, product development and technology consulting services, Technologix Global brings capabilities and resources to market, sell, and support Grene Robotics with their autonomous solutions.

Vamsi Vellanki, Executive Director – Strategic Global Partnerships at Grene Robotics, says, “Our international partnership with Technologix Global will show how companies responding to regulatory overhaul, geopolitical uncertainty, technology disruption, market scaling, and demographic shifts are going to push such partnerships beyond their traditional limits. The idea is to combine and connect expertise to expand the companies’ reach, drive growth, and cope with rising competition. A strong focus on partnerships – rather than purely transactional relationships, traditional mergers and acquisitions, sales or market exits – brings much more expertise and value to the table, no matter how large or small the organization.” He further adds, “The silver lining in having a Self-Sustaining Partnership Ecosystem Model is that the real win is in the customer’s experience. Grene Robotics enables self-reliance and self-sufficiency through assimilation of technology and hardware partnerships that add value not only to the customer but also to everyone part of the Grene Partnership Ecosystem.

About Grene Robotics

We believe that technology augments human capability, not replace it. The answer to some of the greatest challenges faced by humanity can be found in nature. What is stopping us from learning from them is the lack of tools to transfer knowledge from nature to human design.  

At Grene Robotics, we are leveraging Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Cognitive Computing to build future autonomous technologies that can self-learn and self-adapt to foster mankind’s vision toward a better planet. We believe autonomy is the future and we are delivering it NOW. We put in over 12 years of R&D to build Grene Robotics.  Today, we are an innovation-led, robust, cutting-edge technology organisation that delivers Autonomy as a service, augmenting human capabilities. Our solutions are helping Governments and organisations across the globe to run efficiently.

About Technologix Global

The Locally Global technology experts. Empowering companies across the world to build, operate, and maintain complex business systems by accelerating technology breakthroughs in Digital Transformation. We at Technologix solve complex problems with our innovative services & Solutions using Process reengineering and technology.

Since our inception in 2006, with a team of 50 and counting, we have been serving customers from various geographical locations including Europe, the USA, India, the UK, Africa, and the Middle East. Some of our clients are Amazon, Procter & Gamble, Lulu Group, CarreFour, ING, Well Fargo, Bank of America, T Mobile, Principal Financial Group, and Verizon. This shows the diversity in the industry and our ability to understand complex processes.

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