AI for forest conservation

Often we read news about wild forest fires that burn down entire landscapes causing immense damage to the environment, animal life, human lives living in the vicinity and, of course, the climate at large. In the last decade, 36 per cent of India’s forest cover has been under the radar of catastrophic forest fires. While the fire is just one part of how forests are shrinking, deforestation, man-animal conflict, poaching, and developing villages and townships in and around the forest area are some of the many other reasons for forests to be in trouble. 

Traditionally forests were under the surveillance and supervision of the local and tribal people who took pride in taking care of the land. But, with the changing environment and developing economy, they have been unable to keep up and foresee circumstances. Even forest authorities and officials have been unable to keep mishaps at bay, and it is unreasonable to even expect a few people to collectively manage and monitor such a huge forest. It is humanly impossible. 

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