An obituary to ERP in an AI world

The beginning of unified, autonomous and real-time systems was the final nail on ERP’s coffin.


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) breathed in its last few breaths in the last five years. Some want to believe it still hasn’t happened. The naysayers are the ones who are adamant that Autonomous Systems are yet to overtake or replace traditional ERP – and they may not be entirely wrong. ERP continues to live in our hearts. After all, it continues to be a hurdle for IT leaders and businesses, be it design, implementation, lifecycle management or value realization. ERP, in its youth, failed to solve the problems that it was actually designed for. It was not ERP’s failure alone, we perhaps, failed to utilize its full potential. To add to ERPs perplexity, advancements in business models meant, more complex systems and processes, that required data camaraderie, which just wasn’t in its design. Furthermore, ERP implementations are challenging, especially when the organization’s goals and software quality do not match. In a nutshell, the marriage wasn’t just meant to be!


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