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Adoption is the true measure of success

The Grene Engagement Methodology is unique in its approach as we take adoption as a key success metric. The methodology is ever evolving to track and improve enterprise adoption. Adoption for todays software as a service (especially in large enterprises) requires focused strategy and effort.


Autonomous organisations are like self driving cars

An autonomous organisation is one that runs completely on autonomous software applications. An autonomous application is a software system that utilizes autonomy, automation, AI, learning, or feedback. This includes, for example, self-deciding, self-reflection, self-adaptive and self-repairing software systems.


AI Cloud & Elastic Infrastructure

Autonomous housing community describes the notion of making a community energy and water self sufficient. The part of food independence is usually not meant by it, probably because farming and civil engineering are too separate from each other.


Autonomous Citizen Services @ 10+ Smart Cities

Whether renewing a driver’s license, receiving health and human services support, or engaging with elected representatives, citizens routinely interact with 20th-century systems with their government while benefitting from 21st-century systems in their everyday lives.


The AI & Robotics Transformation Engine

Grene Robotics is working with central and state governments to predict and manage crop yield and disease by providing the services and support farmers need in real time using our Cloud Robotics Platform.

What are intelligent applications?

Applications that can take smarter decisions, data insight and experience driven decisions. Applications built on our platform can save OpEx by 30% or more by taking decisions and actions that make the workforce highly productive while providing an unparalleled customer experience.

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